DeVeer Designs Rich Iridescent Copper Star of David Earrings


Item: DD-FAR

Size : 1-1/2" long

Materials: Glass; sterling silver filled wire

Handmade in Montana
Bold and richly colored Star of David earrings made from colored handcut fused glass in shades of brown and copper. A black bead accents the earrings and makes them an incredible wearable work of art. You will find that these brilliant handcrafted earrings will excite the eye and lift your spirits!Kristie Nerby has spent her life pursuing her creative passions, but found her niche working in the medium of glass. She joined Barbara DeVeer over 10 years ago, and loves the challenge of creating designs that are classic wearable pieces of art. She loves the vibrant colors and light, and the ethereal quality of the glass. For Kristie, creating and wearing her brilliant glass earrings is a dose of vibrant color therapy every day.
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