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The hamsa hand is a Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. In all faiths, it is a protective sign. It brings its wearer happiness, luck, health and good fortune. Artists throughout the ages have incorporated the hamsa hand symbol into their artwork and jewelry. Click here to learn more about our hamsa jewelry.➤

More About Hamsa Jewelry Collection

Hamsa jewelry is one of the most popular styles of jewelry that we sell at Jewish Gift Place which includes the hamsa necklace, the hamsa bracelet, hamsa earrings, a hamsa keychain, the wall hamsa and hamsa mezuzahs. If you would like to learn more about the symbolism of the hamsa hand around the world, read our Hamsa Hand Symbology article.

Michal Golan, and Israeli-born, New York City based artist, is our most prolific artist of hamsa jewelry that we sell. Her gorgeous hamsa necklace collection is inspired by her love of Byzantine and Victorian jewelry with their abundant use of semi-precious stones, glass, and Swarovski crystals.

Michal Golan makes a hamsa charm bracelet with a hamsa and an evil eye and other charms. She also makes two other styles of the hamsa bracelet with a small hamsa pendant on a black leather cord and a medium hamsa hand bracelet on a decorative metal chain. The most popular hamsa bracelet in our collection is her black hamsa bracelet.

The hamsa key chains in Michal Golan’s collection are made from a large hamsa and is a magnificent charm to carry around with you.

Michal Golan’s most popular piece of jewelry that she designs is the hamsa necklace. With over 100 hamsa necklaces in her collection, ranging from small to large, they come with semi-precious stones, pearls, and Swarovski crystals in every color of the rainbow. The most popular necklace in her collection is the Michal Golan Black Hamsa Necklace. With black enamel and colorful Swarovski crystals, this piece is a favorite as a Bat Mitzvah gifts, or a birthday and Hanukkah gift. Michal Golan also makes hamsa earrings to match her hamsa necklace collection.

Another popular piece is the Michal Golan Cat’s Eye Hamsa Necklace. With the cool aqua blue color and pearls, this makes a wonderful, elegant gift.

Other pieces in Michal Golan’s hamsa jewelry collection are her magnificent wall hamsas. These elegant jewel covered pieces come in rich colors with large and small semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals.

In addition to the jewelry of Michal Golan, Jewish Gift Place carries the works of other artists who design hamsa jewelry. Roggio Silversmiths makes a gorgeous long chain hamsa necklace. Emily Rosenfeld is another artist who makes beautiful hamsa jewelry. Adaya’s hamsa hand necklace is a vibrant combination of different colored beads. Glimmer Glass custom made hamsa necklaces just for Jewish Gift Place from brilliant dichroic glass.

Check out our entire hamsa necklace and hamsa bracelet collection.

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