Hanukkah Dreidel Collection

The Hanukkah dreidel is the most recognizable symbol of Hanukkah after the menorah. Our handmade hanukkah dreidel collection includes the beautiful dreidels of Gary Rosenthal, Moshe Monzon, Emily Rosenfeld and Infinity Art in Metal. The dreidel originated as a game that Jewish children played when the Jews were being persecuted by the Syrian Greeks and were forbidden to study the Torah. The Hanukkah dreidel has a Hebrew letter on each side of the dreidel - Nun, Gimmel, Hay, and Shin, which stands for the phrase, "Nes Gadol Haya Sham” - “A great miracle happened there.” In Israel, the dreidels say, "Nes Gadol Haya Po," which means, “A great miracle happened here.”  READ MORE BELOW.

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Handmade Dreidels

Jewish Gift Place carries the handmade dreidels of many talented artists. Gary Rosenthal is our preeminent artist of Hanukkah dreidels. His dreidels are a work of art with magnificent designs and interpretations including musical notes, and the leaves of trees. Emily Rosenfeld makes a beautiful and whimsical Hanukkah dreidel made from pewter. Moshe Monzon handpaints his small Hanukkah dreidels with the delightful designs of a butterfly, flower, pomegranate, and Star of David.

See our entire collection of Hanukkah dreidels above.

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