Aimee Golant, Metal Artist of Judaica and Jewish Jewelry

Aimee Golant is an award-winning, sixth generation metalsmith, whose handcrafted jewelry and Judaica has been exhibited and sold internationally. As well as being a talented artist, Aimee is also a teacher, a wife, and a mother, living with her family in San Francisco.

One of Aimee’s highest honors was being awarded the commission to create the mezuzah for the front door of the National Museum of American Jewish History. As the grandchild of holocaust survivors, Aimee’s work reflects her deep respect and admiration for her Jewish tradition, family, and values.

Her deep commitment to community service and her passion for the art of metalsmithing are evident in Aimee’s pieces, especially her mezuzahs. Many of her pieces have benefited humanitarian and charitable organizations worldwide. Aimee sums it up best, stating that it is her goal “to create metal art which illuminates universal Jewish teachings in order to foster an understanding among people and create a more peaceful world.”

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