Zina Kao Exclusives

Zina Kao and FamilyZina Kao got her start dabbling in making jewelry for herself, friends, family, and co-workers. The hobby soon took over her side table, dining room table, and garage. Encouraged by her husband, Wayne, Zina Kao Exclusives was launched in 2004, and now her pieces can be found in hundreds of stores and museums across the country.

Zina’s distinct pieces have clean lines with a light, airy feel and are made from sterling silver and 23kt gold over silver. In many pieces, she combines gold and silver to create a striking combination of simple shapes and metallic colors. Zina created the pieces shown below exclusively for Jewish Gift Place, incorporating the Star of David into her designs.

Zina Kao Exclusives are handmade in Zina’s studio in Berkeley, California.

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