Studio Jere: Handmade Beaded Wire Kippot For Women

Handmade Wire Kippot For Women Jere Moskovitz, the founder of Studio Jere, learned to sew, knit, and crochet from her mother and grandmother as a young girl. She developed a love of all types of fibers, yarns and textile techniques, especially the mixing of colors and textures. Her wire kippot for women are made in three styles: crocheted kippot, knitted kippot, and mixed media, which weaves ribbon between the crocheted stitches. The ribbons in many of Jere’s wire kippot are multicolored, so the colors appear randomly in the kippah, making each wire kippot unique. Jere uses Czech glass beads and Japanese seed beads to accent the beaded kippot for women.

Jere received her BFA in Apparel Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and spent over 20 years in the Apparel industry. In 2011, she applied her love of knitting and crocheting to wire and Studio Jere was born! Each wire kippot with beads and ribbon is unique and no two are alike.

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