Passover Seder Plates,Matzah Trays, Miriam's and Elijah’s Cups

At Jewish Gift Place, we are thrilled to share with you an amazing collection of handmade Passover gifts. We have many artists that make Passover gifts - each in their own unique style. Gary Rosenthal combines mixed metals and fused glass to create magnificent Elijah’s Cups, Miriam’s Cups, matzah trays, and Passover Seder Plates. K4 Glassart makes the most incredible fused glass Seder Plates. Emily Rosenfeld makes a Miriam’s Cup out of pewter with a different scene on each site.Tamara Baskin uses brilliantly colored glass in her creations. Steven Bronstein, a blacksmith from Blackthorne Forge, makes substantial and modern Seder Plates and matzah trays.

There are no specific rules about how a Seder Plate should look. They can be traditional or contemporary, round or square. They can be simple or ornate and festive. Each of the six sections that hold a symbolic Passover food is written in Hebrew or English.

See our collection of Passover Seder Plates, Elijah’s Cups and Miriam’s Cups, Matzah Plates, and Charoset Dishes.

Don’t miss our article and e-book, Miriam’s Cup, a fascinating and extensive look at Miriam, Moses’ sister, who played a critical role in the Exodus from Egypt.

Check out our infographic of 7 Symbols of the Passover Seder Plate.

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