Blackthorne Forge

Interview with Steven Bronstein of Blackthorne Forge

Blacksmith shopSteven Bronstein of Blackthorne ForgeBlackthorne Forge is owned and operated by Vermont blacksmith Steven Bronstein. He has been creating functional and sculptural ironwork for over 25 years. His designs strive to blend the primitive charm of ironwork with the energy and interest of more contemporary designs. Relying on the qualities that make iron such a beautiful material, Steven’s pieces are both delicate and rugged. All Blackthorne Forge ironwork is guaranteed for life.

In a recent interview, Steve discussed where he gets his inspiration from. "I love how lines can cut through space and, in the process, create new spaces. I often just have a vague sense of the final image and just start by moving a piece of metal. The concept usually reveals itself as I continue to move." Read the entire Steven Bronstein interview.

When holding a Blackthorne Forge piece of ironwork in your hands, you will be both delighted and impressed by the weight and the quality of the piece. Steve’s ironwork is so substantial and beautiful, that the possession of this piece of art, reminiscent of a age-old profession, is a treasure to behold.

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