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My granddaughter received her necklace from you and absolutely loved it!!!!! My wife, Wendy, and I want to tell you how very much we appreciated your service, emails, and the actual gift itself. We know that in the future, we will use your company as our first choice for any of our gifts. Have a great year and again, thank you.




Risa, you are really awesome. Your level of customer service is beyond outstanding. I'm very glad to have discovered your site. It's all I'll use for this kind of thing in the future. Best,




Hi Risa, I wanted to let you know that I just received my shipment and I am just so happy with my purchase. The jewelry is so beautiful and I plan on purchasing the other ring and necklace that I wanted for my birthday this September. I am so glad that I found your site and I will definitely be showing all my friends my new pieces. Thanks again,





My package arrived yesterday - what a blessing! It is all even more appealing than I'd hoped, and the gift of the beautiful dreidel well in time for Chanukah is greatly appreciated. Thank you!





The Star of David necklace arrived Thursday in plenty of time for the Sunday wedding. Our daughter absolutely LOVED it and we were just thrilled with the craftmanship. It is truly beautiful! Thank you so much for making it all come together in time for her special day. I will be telling everyone I know about you and what such personal service you gave me at the last minute. Thank you again so very much.

Sandie Holt




The earrings arrived today, and I just wanted to thank you for helping me to find them. They are everything I remembered and sure to generate comments. I plan on wearing them to Yom Kippur services (one of my resolutions is to "go green" this year). Shanah Tovah, and thank you!

Ilene Prokup




Risa - Received the watch, it's drop dead gorgeous, thank you so much, it was a pleasure doing business with you!!!!

Linda Reuter




It arrived and is perfect. Thank you again for taking the time to help me. You are the best :) Great doing business with you.

Leigh Sobotka



Hi Risa

I received the watch and I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to surprise my husband with it.


Iris Roth




I received the mezuzah this morning and it's absolutely perfect!! Thank you so much for following through and making sure it arrived before Chanukah.




I just wanted you to know that we received the cup earlier today. It's absolutely beautiful.

Thank you for all of your help.

Honey Backman



Thanks, Risa! Received the dreidel on Saturday - much quicker than I expected. I am very pleased with your excellent service and personal attention.

B'shalom......Deborah Katler



Hello Risa,

Mickey just called from Florida. She opened her gift and loved it! She said the hamsa is really beautiful and will bring her great comfort. Thanks again for all your help. I plan on placing more orders in the future.


Rhoda P.



Hi Risa,

I wanted to let you know that I got the necklace today (Michael Bromberg Star of David Mezuzah Necklace) and I love it! It is awesome!...Thanks for such speedy shipping!


Susan Montgomery

P.S. Not that you really want to know, but I am wearing this necklace to show support for Israel. I am not Jewish, I am Christian. I fully believe that the Jews are God's special chosen people and I pray for Israel and their safety. I really enjoyed looking at your site and I love this necklace. I hope my friends and family will like it and want one. If they do, I will certainly give them your website. Thanks again!




I received the package earlier this week and just didn't get a chance to write until now. Thanks for adding the personal note. The bookends look wonderful. We are presenting it to our teacher next week and I am sure she and everyone in the class will love them. I'll be sure to pass on the link to your website to my classmates, especially since your support through the process was great and certainly worth recommending. Thanks again for your help.

Jag Sameaj and shabbat shalom!

Lizzie Westin



Risa, I have been wearing my Star necklace everyday, both work and casual, it fits. I love the design and metal that it is made from. It was an excellent decision. Please tell Cynthia Gale also.

Thank you,

Rex Hunt



Just wanted to let you we love the hamsas. I think we picked them perfectly to suit each girl. Thank you so much!

All the best,

Marcelle Peck



I'm a 40 year old man that has never purchased or owned any kind of jewelry for myself. The purpose for ordering the star necklace was to have something with me as a personal daily reminder. If that makes any sense. The necklace is very impressive for style, quality, and comfort. I will enjoy this necklace for the remainder of my days. I have received compliments on the necklace,and have told them of your web site. Thanks for sending the note to Cynthia.

G-d bless and take care.

Keith Donohue



Hi Risa,

The necklaces are beautiful and I certainly appreciated your personal note on the invoice! We have 2 Bat Mitzvah's coming up and they will be perfect gifts. If only it would be so easy and fun to get gifts for the Bar Mitzvahs! Thanks and I will use your site again.

Laurie Friedman



Risa, The seder plate arrived at my husband's office today and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm sure my daughter and her fiance will love it. Thank you so much for all of your help.

Irene Lichtoe



Hi Risa,

I received the Ayala Bar pieces last friday and they are so beautiful and the workmanship is superb. I've already worn the pieces and have received compliments and, of course, told the ladies where they could order theirs. I would definitely describe them as classic bling (not to little, not too much, just perfect). I think that you made a great decision when you chose that line. I actually loved almost all of the pieces. I not only have a fantastic place to shop for my special pieces (and I only shop your website) but I also feel as though I've made a friend.


Geraldine Hoyt



I bought the necklace for my fiance for Valentine's Day and he loved it. He has gotten many compliments! Thanks for your wonderful customer service!

C. Rodriguez



Dear Risa,

Yes, the mezuzah is beautiful. So finely made. Just as I would expect. Thank you.

Diane Ranz



Hi Risa,

The Bat Mitzvah went very well, despite New England snow storm. I was given the honor of presenting Sarah with her Talit and made a little speech. I said that This Tallis is the most beautiful talis I have ever seen and I am giving this to my daughter who's inner beauty matches that of the Tallis" feel free to quote me. Best of luck in your business.

Jane Becker



The artistic and stuning havdalah set arrived earlier than expected. The Bat Mitzvah girl loved the unique set and will use it for her Bat Mitzvah Havdalah.

Thank you,

Melinda Travis



It’s even more beautiful than I thought! Thank you very much, and for the quick service also!

Dina Meron



Hi Risa,

The Talis came out beautiful. I love the colors. Thank you very much. My daughter will treasure it and will look spectacular in her talis.

Jane Becker



I wanted you to know that we love our mezuzahs!!! We just got all new doors at home and so we needed new mezuzahs- they make our new doors look even better! Thanks!

Karen J. Goldman




Your small 18kt gold/sterling silver Star of David necklace is so lovely, I haven't taken it off since I received it..I know I'll be a returning customer.

Thank you so very much,

Ellie Newby



Hi Risa,

EVERYTHING was stunning! One mezuzah even nicer than the other, if that's possible! I LOVE my necklace and look foward to the coming pieces!!!

Thank you so much for the follow up! I will be HIGHLY recommending your site to anyone who questions me about my spectacular mezuzahs!

Michele Blaier




Absolutely love the order...and I will be ordering more from you.......

G-d Bless....

Vicki Jacobs



Dear Risa,

Thank you so much for getting the broken glass menorah to me in time for Tara's conversion ceremony. You were so gracious and easy to talk to.


Maxine Morgan




I want to thank you for sending out my new gorgeous Cynthia Gale Star of David so quickly. I received it just in time for the event that I wanted to wear it. It is beautiful and unique. The style is modern and the toggle clasp really sets it apart from any other Jewish Star that I have seen. Before I purchased it from you, I spent many hours of research trying to find the perfect one.

Thanks to you, I have found the one that is ideal for me. Both my family and friends have complimented me on it. I just love it and am proud to wear it. Thanks again for your excellent service.

Phyllis Sewall



Hi Risa,

My wife really likes the necklace. It is prettier in person!

Ethan Rivel



Thank you Risa -

I affixed both my mezzuzahs yesterday - they are, each, utterly beautiful. I affixed them both on the 7th night of Chanukkah. The work is just lovely. Gary Rosenthal's work is breathtaking! I delight in the beauty of the mezzuzah cover, and the dedication of the sofer in crafting the mezzuzah itself. Together they bring honor to the mitzvot, and to the tradition.

Thank you very much for your service.

Mary Rose Dallal



Hi Risa,

I just received the shabbat candlesticks that I ordered-their beautiful. Thanks for such speedy service.

Myra Blatt




Hi Risa,

I received the Gary Rosenthal dreidel today that I ordered and it is absolutely beautiful. We have a Rosenthal wedding glass mezuzah, so I already knew I loved his work. Thank you for the very timely shipping of the package, I'm glad we received it before Chanukah.

Chag Sameach,

Elysa Simone




I was very pleased with the Hamsas (even prettier than the photos!). I will certainly shop on your website again. I liked the fixed price for the shipping as well.

Sandy Goodman




It's absolutely beautiful. We blessed it and hung it, and it's the perfect mezuzah for our modern-style home.


Sheryl Guterman



Hi Risa,

We received the Gary Rosenthal menorah and wedding glass and I wanted to thank you for the quick turnaround and the wonderful packing job! (I was a bit concerned that we'd receive the glass in pieces!).

Overall, we had a very positive experience, and I'll definitely keep the Jewish Gift Place in mind for future similar purchases.

Thanks very much for your personal touch!

My best,
Deb Bilek




The hamsa necklace arrived today, and I absolutely love it! It's even more beautiful than it was pictured. I'm very happy with it.

Marianna Sisti



Dear Risa,

Just wanted to let you know I DO love the tie-dyed silk women's kippah! I got it several weeks ago, but just noticed your little note on the bottom of the invoice, and yes, I am very pleased.

Thank you so much,


Pat Johnson




The mezuzahs (Amethyst Mezuzah Pendant) are so beautiful! My daughter and I love them.


Sandra Mieth



Dear Risa,

The mezuzah arrived today (Gary Rosenthal Mezuzah with Copper Vine), and it is already in place. It is even nicer looking than it appears on your website. I like it very much.






Thank you, Risa. The mezuzah (Michal Golan Cat's Eye Mezuzah) did arrive as promised on Saturday, and it is lovely. And may I comment at how impressed I am by your professionalism. It is a lost art and one that I appreciate encountering. I hope to be a customer again soon.

Have a nice day.

Michele Curcio



Dear Risa,

Yes, I received my hamsa necklace (Michal Golan Black Hamsa Necklace) and am very happy with my order. When I wore it last Friday not only did I receive many compliments but one of my friends actually "went nuts" over it. I forwarded your web site to her because she wanted to get a necklace for her daughter. She's probably at her computer agonizing over just which hamsa necklace to pick - so many color combinations and only one neck!

It was a pleasure dealing with The Jewish Gift Place. You were not only reliable and efficient but friendly too. And, on another note, I always prefer to "do business" with my Long Island neighbors.


S.C. Shulman



Hi Risa!!

I did receive it (Michal Golan Pink Flower Hamsa Necklace.) It was a Bat Mitzvah present and both the girl and the mother loved it! Thank you and I'll be buying other things from you in the future.

Thank you very much,

Yahel Yanofsky



Thank you so much for everything!! I appreciate your efforts and kindness in calling me and I know my father will too! I am completely impressed by your dedication to making sure not only was my order correct (Gary Rosenthal Tall Blue Kiddush Cup) but you also kept me informed the entire way which I appreciate!!

All the best and I already have you as my favorite site so when I want to order next time you're just a click away!! I will return!

Thank you.




Hi Risa,

My friends loved the menorah (Gary Rosenthal Wedding Glass Heart Menorah). It's a beautiful piece and they are excited to be able to put the glass from their wedding into the menorah to save it.

Thanks again for all of your help.




Dear Risa,

The hamsa came yesterday (Michal Golan Black Hamsa Necklace)and I have been wearing it ever since. Many compliments on its unusual nature. I'm loving my Michal Golan hamsa - people comment on it wherever I go.

Thanks again,

Toby Gluckstern

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