Janusz Korczak's 10 Commandments of Parents


  1. Do not expect that your child will be just like you, or the way you want him to be. Help him to become not you, but themselves.

  2. Do not expect your child to return everything you invested in him. You gave him his life - how he can repay you? He will give life to another, and this is an irreversible law of gratitude.

  3. Do not vent your resentments on the child. For what you sow, is what you reap.

  4. Do not look down on your child’s problems. Everything in life is given according to what one can handle. Remember, a child’s life is just as challenging. It might be even more challenging than yours, since he lacks life experience.

  5. Do not disgrace him!

  6. Do not forget that the most important encounters in life are encounters with children. Pay more attention to them – we can never know whom we encounter in the face of the child.

  7. Do not beat yourself up if you cannot do something for your child. Simply remember, you haven’t done enough until you’ve done all you can.

  8. The child is not a tyrant who takes possession of your whole life. She is not just the fruit of the flesh and blood. This is a precious cup, which God gave you to keep and develop in a creative fire.

  9. Learn to love the other person’s child. Never do to to them what you would not have done to yours.

  10. Love your child no matter who they are – untalented, unsuccessful, or all grown up. When spending time with him – rejoice, because the child is a celebration that is still with you.

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