Demond Johnson Interview

I hope you enjoy my interview with with Demond Johnson. He participated in the mezuzah contest a few weeks ago which asked, "Let me know where you would hang it or who you would give it to."

Demond responded, "The Mezuzah truly is a beautiful piece! If in fact I did end up winning this amazing gift, as much as I would love to hang it above my home door, I would bless my beloved mother with it and allow her to display its beauty in her home!"

I read every response but something about Demond compelled me to learn more about him. I followed the link to his website, where I learned that he was the President/CEO of A2 Fitness Professionals in Ann Arbor, MI, that he served in the army for 20+ years, he worked with contestants of NBC's The Biggest Loser, and that he is on the board and participates in many wonderful organizations and causes. I was curious to learn more about his Jewish upbringing. Check out the interview!

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