Infinity Art in Metal Way of Life Candlesticks


Item: I-SH82

Size : 7-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 9-1/2"

Notes : Each piece in the Infinity Art in Metal Collection is handmade and no two pieces are the same.

Delivery : All Jewish gifts are handmade. For faster delivery, call to check if item is in stock.

Handmade in Connecticut
Infinity Art in Metal captures the Torah's wonder through deep symbolism and dynamite artwork. The Infinity Way of Life Candlesticks depict the 'Tree of Life,' a connection between the Earth and the divine. An affirming metaphor for wisdom and truth, these stunning metal leaves light up under the burning candles with vibrant hues of green and blue. The winding branches interconnect this meaningful message of spirituality, nature, and the beauty of God's world. Since Infinity Art in Metal crafts each candlestick uniquely, your Sabbath decoration will be your own special link to the sacred realm beyond this symbolic tree.
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