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Children's Wooden Block Name Menorah



Wooden Block Name Menorah

Handmade in Delaware

Children LOVE this personalized wood block menorah! Artist Gary Markow of Naturally Wood Creations custom makes each beautiful children's menorah from brightly colored Melissa & Doug alphabet blocks. Parents love the children's menorah, too! Imagine the delight on the face of child and his or her parents when they see that the menorah has their very own name on it! The personlized menorahs can be made with one row or two rows, so the child's first and middle name can be on the menorah.

Each row holds ten blocks, so the extra spacer blocks have an adorable picture on them such as a plane, truck, car, soccer ball, umbrella, kite, hammer, cat, ice cream cone, present, lady bug, fish, cow, horse, train, duck, butterfly, acorn, fish, elephant, dragonfly, pineapple, bird, bumblebee, violin, xylophone, snail, turtle, sea shell, ball of yarn, and frog. The Melissa & Doug blocks change often with new designs being introduced and others being discontinued.

The personalized menorah can have a message other than a child's name. This menorah makes a sweet engagement gift with the couple's names spelled out with alphabet blocks. A teacher would love this menorah with his or her name spelled out in alphabet blocks. Or you can write your own a special short message.

This children's menorah is the most popular menorah that we sell at Jewish Gift Place. It is not just for Hanukkah that we sell this menorah - this personalized menorah is popular year-round, and it is most commonly given as a new baby gift. Children love and treasure this menorah through the years and still use their name menorah as they enter their teens and even late teens.

The Melissa & Doug blocks used to create the menorah are pre-made blocks. Each alphabet block has one letter on the front and another letter on the back. Please note that the children't menorah is made to read correctly from the front only. Due to the design of the pre-made blocks, random letters will be spelled on the back of the menorah, as it is impossible to have the name spelled correctly on both the front and back of the menorah. The alphabet blocks would need to be custom made to accomplish this.

The artist hand assembles the alphabet blocks onto a handmade base in his Delaware studio. The candle holders on top are made of solid brass and can be unscrewed for easy cleaning. Each menorah is signed by the artist with the Jewish year during which it was made.

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