Jewish Holiday Nail Decals

Our Israel nail decals, Ten Plagues, and Hanukkah holiday nail decals are easy to apply and last up to 10 days. What a fun way to show your pride in your Jewish heritage! The Israel nail decal stickers include a camel, a palm tree, a ’Chai,’ the flag of Israel, Shalom, a peace dove, ’ahava,’ the Western Wall, and other beautiful symbols of Judaism. The Hanukkah nail decal stickers include a Star of David, the four sides of the dreidel, a menorah and ’Happy Hanukkah.’ The Ten Plagues nail decal stickers include cattle, flies, lice, frogs, blood, darkness, locusts, hail, boils, and tears for death of the first born. - Women and girls alike will adore these fabulous holiday nail decals.

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