Hamsa Necklace Collection

Our hamsa necklace collection features the beautiful handcrafted work of 15 of our talented artists. With styles ranging from simple in silver, to brilliantly colored hamsa necklaces covered in glass, beads, and Swarovski crystals, our hamsa hand necklace collection has a piece for every taste and budget.

Read the hamsa prayer and more about our hamsa necklace collection

Let no sadness come to this heart,
Let no trouble come to these arms,
Let no conflict come to these eyes,
Let my soul be filled with the blessing of joy and peace.

Our most popular hamsa necklace is the Michal Golan Black Hamsa Necklace. The hamsa is made of black enamel and covered with brightly colored Swarovski colors. Michal Golan makes a turquoise hamsa necklace which is also a hamsa evil eye necklace. Read our article to learn more about the hamsa necklace meaning.

La Contessa has a nature-inspired hamsa hand necklace collection featuring a bird, a bee, a butterfly, and a dragonfly accenting the pieces. Whitney Howard makes a wax seal hamsa pendant which is a very popular item. Adaya has a striking hamsa necklace collection made from brightly colored beads. The hamsa pendant is large but very well proportioned to make this a beautiful statement piece that is sure to get compliments.

Emily Rosenfeld has several hamsa necklaces in her collection made from pewter and sterling silver. Her whimsical designs make her hamsa pieces a favorite for children. Other artists who have created gorgeous pieces with their own interpretaton of the hamsa necklace are Seeka, Michal Bromberg, Yonatan, Melanie Dankowics, and a very popular hamsa necklace made in Israel with Roman glass by Shamay and Benlulu. Check out our entire hamsa hand necklace collection.

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