Israeli Coins Jewelry & Women’s Kippahs by Dunitz & Company

Nancy Dunitz started her company in 1989 to follow a lifelong dream - to design beautiful jewelry made in the third world countries she liked to visit. Nancy’s jewelry is made in Guatemala by Mayan women, where she supports organizations that help those living in the community such as a hospital, a library, and a charity that funds many grass roots projects. Dunitz & Company is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation and Green America. Nancy’s jewelry has appeared on the pages of Bazaar, People, Brides, New York, Redbook, Woman’s Day, Cosmo Girl and over two dozen magazines.

Jewish Gift Place is thrilled to be carrying Dunitz & Company’s line of Israeli coin necklaces in their collection. The metallic beaded necklaces with gold and silver shekels is a great gift to keep the spirit of Israel close to you.

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