The Barber’s Daughters by Gisele Theriault

Gisele Theriault of The Barber’s Daughters Gisele Theriault is the founder and owner of The Barber’s Daughters. She has been designing jewelry since 1990. Every single piece in Gisele’s collection is an incredible, inspiring work of art. With a motivational phrase engraved into each piece, her jewelry is like a shield which encourages you to find the best within. The phrases on each piece are written by poets or by Gisele. Gisele’s jewelry has been worn by Hollywood celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Halle Berry. In 2010, Gisele collaborated on a line of jewelry with musician and actress, Alicia Keys.

Gisele Theriault grew up in Cape Breton, Canada and was a barber’s daughter - her father being the ultimate source of her inspiration as an artist. Her father’s barber shop was a place where friends would gather to share tales of joy and heartache in a place they felt safe and welcome. Gisele’s father would recount these stories to his family at the evening dinner table, and Gisele was inspired by the humanity and spirit they conveyed.

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