Ayala Bar Jewelry Collection - Fall 2015



Jewish Gift Place is thrilled to present you with the Ayala Bar Jewelry Collection of Fall 2015. We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the collection and it is amazing, as always! The multiple chains in the necklaces adds to the stylish elegance of the pieces. The pieces are accented with the generous use of dangling crystals, beads, and tassels to make each piece in this collection a spectacular work of art.

Ayala Bar Classic Collection

Ayala Bar Hip Collection

Ayala Bar Indigo Collection

Ayala Bar Radiance Collection

Ayala Bar Signature Collection

Ayala Bar was born and resides in Israel. Since graduating from art school, Ayala Bar has worked in many artistic areas, from theater to interior design. In the late 1980’s, she quickly emerged as a prominent Israeli jeweler. Her studio is in Gvatayim, Israel, a satellite city of Tel-Aviv.

The designs in the Ayala Bar Jewelry Collection blend natural elements, glass beads, Swarovski crystals, and mineral stones on assorted metals to create a rich mosaic, resulting in intricate limited-edition pieces. Ayala Bar has consistently produced designs that are innovative yet timeless, bold yet feminine, and international in appeal.

Ayala Bar limits her collection run to six months. Thereafter, she combines different colors, beads, fabrics and shapes to create a brand new collection. After more than 15 years designing collections, Ayala continues to amaze her customers with new designs. She follows the approaching seasons’ expected color trends but her designs remain classically distinct which is the main reason why the jewelry is collected and worn throughout the years. Some people fall in love with the bead shapes, others love that specific color shade only found that season. Either one is not likely to be seen again in her future collections, so customers must grab it up while they can.

Each Ayala Bar necklace and Ayala Bar earrings are handcrafted and have the artist’s name on the back. Ayala jewelry is immediately recognizable for the unique layout of beads and the beautiful combination of colors used in each piece. Every woman finds her own special radiance and very personal signature in the Ayala Bar jewelry she has chosen.

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