Angie Olami Roman Glass Jewelry

Angie Olami is an award winning jewelry designer. Her background is diverse - she studied English at Yale University, Russian literature at the University of St. Petersburg, she worked on an archaeological dig in Israel, trekked in Nepal, and lived in southern Spain. A Chicago-born, globe-roaming, quatro-lingual traveler, Angie Olami has long sifted through the rubble and myths of lost civilizations to find the subterranean history of amulets. From her travels and research, she has designed sterling silver jewelry and 14k gold collections based on the ancient languages, symbols, and cultures of Israel, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Dante’s medieval Florence. On a recent vacation, she spent time researching Byzantine and Roman mosaics for her many collections.

Angie Olami’s Roman glass jewelry is made from the handblown fragments of ancient perfume pots, juglets, lamps, flasks, vases, cups, and bowls. Each fragment varies in thickness, age, and composition. Each piece underwent its own unique transformation as it became weathered with layers of patina. Read more about Angie Olami below.

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