The Barber’s Daughters ’Love is Life’s Greatest Pearl’ With Star of David


Item: BD-P403

Size : The pendant is 1-3/4" wide and hangs 1-3/4" from the 16" chain.

Delivery : All Jewish gifts are handmade. For faster delivery, call to check if item is in stock.

Materials: Sterling silver; Fresh water pearls

Handmade in Toronto, Canada
Beautiful, delicate necklace with the phrase, "Love is Life's Greatest Pearl" engraved on a silver bar. Silver wire wraps the piece and a Star of David and three fresh water pearls hang from the middle to give this piece a peaceful, earthy style. To add to the uniqueness of the piece, a 6" chain with two pearls hang at the claps, which is meant to hang down your back for a striking look from the front and the back. Gisele Theriault is the founder and owner of The Barbers Daughters. Gisele is inspired by her travels throughout the world. The Barber's Daughters creates jewelry with meaning, message or purpose. Engraving words of inspiration into semi and precious metals can be used as grounding agents or touch stones. In a world overrun by sensory overload, its easy to forget our 'whole' self. The inspiration of The Barber's Daughters is to provide tools for people to connect to their intangible beauty and strength. The inspiration is to create work that helps us shift our thinking from our head to our heart where we make better decisions.
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