Tamara Baskin Buildings of Jerusalem Glass Menorah


Item: TB-319

Size : 14" x 9"

Notes : Each piece in the Tamara Baskin Collection is handmade and no two pieces are alike. Please allow for slight variations in the color and design of the glass.

Delivery : All Jewish gifts are handmade. For faster delivery, call to check if item is in stock.

Handmade in Florida
Tamara Baskin's Hills of Jerusalem menorah will enhance the spirit of celebration in your home. Depicting the houses as "Children of Israel," this menorah represents Jacob's twelve sons and the subsequent twelve tribes of Israel. Note that there are 13 houses representing the double portion that Joseph's sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, received. Each candle rests on a plate of color, and the foundation of the menorah brings together a myriad of shapes and colors. With little plates of color for windows and triangular glass pieces doming the buildings, the piece comes together as a meaningful and masterful work of art. The Hills of Jerusalem stand out with artistic brilliance against the clear background and the blue base of the menorah. The shamash is decorated with a Star of David.
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