La Contessa Tiny Butterfly Menorah


Item: L-BM

Size : 2-1/2"h x 4"w x 1-1/2"d

Materials: Pewter; Swarovski crystals

Handmade in Baltimore, Maryland
This is the most gorgeous mini menorah you have ever seen! The nature-inspired menorah of gentle swirls is highlighted by two butterflies made from aqua blue and green Swarovski crystals. Many flowers accent the piece. The entire menorah fits in your hand and holds birthday candles. It is a treasure to use during Hanukkah and display throughout the year.

La Contessa was founded by Mary DeMarco and her husband, Buddy Wolfe, in 1986. The gentle lines of her creations and the wildlife, such as a bird, a bee, or a firefly, that adorns each piece is rooted in her love of antiques, anything vintage, her travels abroad, and the time spent in her garden. Mary is inspired by nature and her Italian heritage (la contessa means "the contess" in Italian). La Contessa is a family owned business with Mary and Buddy's three children and cousin Judy helping out.
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