Eduardo Milieris Montevideo Watch: Brass Dial Design on Narrow Band


Item: EM-DNF1

Size : Face is 1-1/4" x 1-3/8" dia.; band is 3/4" w. Bracelet can be adjusted by adding or removing links.

Notes : All watches are signed and numbered and made of hammered metal with a hand painted face. All Milieris watches contain Quartz movements and come with a one year warranty.

Delivery : All Jewish gifts are handmade. For faster delivery, call to check if item is in stock.

Materials: Jeweler’s brass and embellished with solid brass; copper or sterling silver. Nickel free.

Handmade in New York
Eduardo Milieris is the founder and designer of the Watchcraft Men's Watch Collection. His work combines clean, minimalist shapes with the rich textures of handcrafted metal. This one of a kind line of modern watches with its antiqued brass, copper and silver embellishments and hand-painted faces creates the feeling of a piece, long lost, now found. Fine quartz movements are housed inside and most watches in this line are water-resistant. Each Watchcraft watch by Eduardo Milieris has been weathered and oxidized, using carefully researched techniques. Milieris deliberately refrained from sealing the silver, brass, and copper so that the watch continues to age gracefully. Women who enjoy wearing a face watch will also love Eduardo's wide band watches for their bold, modern, artistic statement.

The Montevideo collection is inspired by the spirit of the old fortified city of Montevideo the "mount VI from the West" or "MONTE VI de O" that the Portuguese sailors saw from their ship in 1724 and this inspiration lives in the contours of the watch. Distressed and oxidized brass, copper, sterling silver, and metal alloys. Hand-painted dials.
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