Patrick Meyer Pewter Pomegranate Mezuzah



Size : 1-1/4" x 4"

Materials: Pewter

Handmade in California
Beautiful, detailed pewter pomegranate mezuzah. Jewish tradition teaches that the pomegranate is a symbol for righteousness, because it is said to have 613 seeds which corresponds with the 613 mitvot, or commandments, of the Torah.

Patrick Meyer was born in the Eastern part of France, in a small town close to Strasbourg in the Rhine Valley - a stronghold of one of the oldest Jewish communities in Western Europe. With a Catholic mother and a father with a Jewish ancestry, he grew up with a strong interest in Jewish and ancient history around the Mediterranean Basin, seeking a spiritual connection with his Jewish roots. In the mid-90s, Patrick relocated to San Francisco, California, where he established himself as a metal sculptor and designer, specializing in Judaica and pewter items for the home.
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