Iconz Shweshwe Girl With Menorah Jewish Art Print


Item: IC-14

Size : 9-3/4" sq.

Notes : The fabric of the girl varies with each piece.

Materials: Recycled paper; metal; and fabric

Handmade in Capetown, South Africa
Colorful, modern, and beautiful Jewish art illustrating a girl standing next to a menorah. She is dressed in shweshwe, which is a traditional South African cotton print fabric. The menorah is one of the oldest symbols in Judaism and dates back to the first temple in Jerusalem. The high priests used olive oil to light the menorah in the temple every evening. This wall art is a unique collage of layers, colors, and textures to portray the meaningful symbolism of Judaism.

Iconz designs are visualized by Leslie, an artist working from her home studio in Cape Town, South Africa. Leslie studied Fine Art, and for her, creativity and color is what life is all about. Leslie and her husband, Gerald, travel extensively, always finding new inspiration both in Africa and abroad. On their travels, they gather ethnic findings, papers and beads to adorn their colorful collages. They work with a team of women workers, hand-cutting each design. Every spiral, zigzag of copper or brass is individually hand crafted, and every bead is patiently threaded to create the authentic and special handmade effect of their work.
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