Win 3 Keychains Made in Israel!18th Oct 2016

Jewish keychain
This week’s contest is for a set of these 3 keychains made in Israel. A random winner will be chosen on Monday, October 24, 2016 (US only). Fill in the blank in the comments below: “DON’T BE IMPRESSED BY MONEY, DEGREES, AND TITLES. BE IMPRESSED BY _________” You can buy these Jewish keychains for $10 […]

Our Most Unique Star of David Necklaces17th Oct 2016

Star of David Necklace
The Star of David, the most widely recognized symbol of Judaism, has been the inspiration of Judaic artists from around the world in their creation of incredible jewelry and decorative art. In Hebrew, it is referred as Magen David, which means, “The Shield of David.” The two interwoven triangles, which forms six sides, symbolizes that God